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  1. Remington CD

    Remington, Granger Smith's latest Album

    Track list includes:
    1. Backroad Song
    2. Tonight
    ​3. Remington
    4. If The Boot Fits
    5. Tailgate Town
    6. Blue Collar Dollars
    7. Crazy As Me (feat. Brooke Eden)
    8. Likin' Love Songs
    9. Tractor
    10. Echo
    11. Around The Sun
    12. 5 More Minutes (GS Reloaded Bonus Track)
    13. Country Boy Love (EDJ Reloaded Bonus Track)
    14. City Boy Stuck (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.) ​
    15. Merica ​(feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.)

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  2. Dirt Road Driveway - CD

    Track Listing:
    1. We Do It In A Field
    2. If Money Didn't Matter
    3. Stick Around
    4. 19 Forever
    5. I Am The Midnight
    6. Miles And Mud Tires
    7. Come
    8. Silverado Bench Seat
    9. Easy
    10. Bury Me In Blue Jeans
    11. Country Boy Love (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr)
    12. The Country Boy Song (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr)

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  3. If You're City If You're Country

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    Special Price $10.99

    In the Amazon #1 best selling book, Earl walks through 50 different scenarios, comparing and contrasting how city folks and country folks do things. Earl talks about fast food, huntin’, fishin’, shootin’ the breeze, neighborliness, and politics. From hipsters to hip-stirs and different ways of chasin’ a buck, Earl's hilarious take on the country versus city debate will have diehard fans and new converts regularly returning for a good laugh. As an added bonus, If You're City, If You're Country includes a CD with Earl reading the audiobook and performing five of his greatest hits. Learn More
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    Track List

    1. Backroad Song

    2. Tonight

    3. Tailgate Town

    4. City Boy Stuck (featuring Earl Dibbles Jr.)

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