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  1. Dirt Road Driveway - CD

    Track Listing:
    1. We Do It In A Field
    2. If Money Didn't Matter
    3. Stick Around
    4. 19 Forever
    5. I Am The Midnight
    6. Miles And Mud Tires
    7. Come
    8. Silverado Bench Seat
    9. Easy
    10. Bury Me In Blue Jeans
    11. Country Boy Love (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr)
    12. The Country Boy Song (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr)

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  2. Remington CD

    Remington, Granger Smith's latest Album

    Track list includes:
    1. Backroad Song
    2. Tonight
    ​3. Remington
    4. If The Boot Fits
    5. Tailgate Town
    6. Blue Collar Dollars
    7. Crazy As Me (feat. Brooke Eden)
    8. Likin' Love Songs
    9. Tractor
    10. Echo
    11. Around The Sun
    12. 5 More Minutes (GS Reloaded Bonus Track)
    13. Country Boy Love (EDJ Reloaded Bonus Track)
    14. City Boy Stuck (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.) ​
    15. Merica ​(feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.)

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  3. When the Good Guys Win - CD

    Includes all new tracks.
    1.) Gimme Something
    2.) You’re In It
    3.) Raise Up Your Glass
    4.) Happens Like That
    5.) Still Holds Up
    6.) When The Good Guys Win
    7.) Everybody Lives
    8.) Stutter
    9.) Never Too Old
    10.) Love Ain't Blind
    11.) 4 Wheel Drive
    12.) Reppin’ My Roots
    14.) Don’t Tread On Me (ft. Earl Dibbles Jr)
    15.) Home Cooked Meal​ Learn More
  4. They Were There Documentary & Soundtrack

    Includes: Physical copy of "They Were There" documentary and the official motion picture soundtrack. (Including 3 new songs from Granger)

    Granger announced today one of his most personal projects to date: They Were There: A Hero’s Documentary.

    The self-produced documentary honors the lives of five fallen soldiers and seeks to pay tribute to their heroic sacrifices and infinite legacies.

    Granger reflects on his inspiration for the project, “I’m lucky enough to have achieved a lot of different milestones and accolades in my career, but I realize that doesn’t come from merit alone. I discovered a long time ago that I am allowed to chase these dreams because of men and woman who volunteer to ensure my freedom.

    I’ve taken entertainment tours to war zones in the Middle East. I’ve walked 400 miles in combat boots to raise money for returning soldiers. And somehow, none of that comes close to repaying my debt of gratitude. When a hero falls, their legacy must live on. Their sacrifice has sewn the fabric of our freedom, and their story must be retold.”

    Over the course of five days, producer Granger Smith and director Paul De La Cerda embark on a journey to honor each soldier, one hero per day. Set against the Chihuahuan Desert near the Texas Rio Grande and Mexico border, Granger narrates the film, reading personal letters from the soldiers and meeting with family members and loved ones throughout the course of the film.

    Through one-on-one interviews, viewers intimately get to know their stories, their families and the aftermath of losing a loved one for the price of freedom.

    Deeply passionate and immensely patriotic, Granger is an avid supporter of U.S. military men and women: he founded the “100-Mile Boot Walk” several years ago and has since walked hundreds of miles in combat boots to raise awareness and funds surrounding the challenges and needs troops face upon returning home. He has also performed several shows overseas for our troops.

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  5. You're In It digital download
    instant download of Granger's latest single "You're In It" Learn More
  6. Livin' Like A Lonestar CD

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  7. 1

    Track List

    1. Backroad Song

    2. Tonight

    3. Tailgate Town

    4. City Boy Stuck (featuring Earl Dibbles Jr.)

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  8. Memory Road - CD

    Track Listing:
    1. Jailbreak
    2. Run Away
    3. Dream On
    4. Walking Shoes
    5. Let 'Em Go
    6 While She's Sleeping
    7. She Even Made Leaving Look Good
    8. Why You Want To Go To Vegas
    9. There She Goes Again
    10. Memory Rd.
    11. She Was September

    © 2004 Granger Smith Learn More
  9. Pockets Of Pesos - CD

    Track Listings
    1. Long Way from OK
    2. 'Til the Wheels Fall Off
    3. Cest La Vie
    4. Waste of Whiskey
    5. Burnin' Up Mockingbird RD
    6. World Is Flat
    7. Lost in Love
    8. Before It All Comes Down
    9. No Chance for a Slow Dance
    10. 16 Stitches
    11. I Still Miss Santa Fe
    12. Up There on the Roof

    © 2005 Granger Smith Learn More
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Set Descending Direction

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